Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kids - who can figure?

I have borrowed a little walk behind toy from a
friend, at the request of Ralph's PT. Ralph will pull himself up and stand behind it. He will push it, too, but his feet stay planted! The cart rolls and he ends up falling on his face!

I then borrowed another walk behind toy, at the request of Ralph's PT. This one looks like a truck and has three sides, so it is very stable. He will pull himself up and stand holding on to one side. He will not, however, push it on his own. When I try to help him, he just sits down!

Sunday, while I was working on supper, Ralph made his way into the dining room. He say next to a chair and grabbed it. He pushed and pulled on it, sliding it on the floor like he always does. Then - he apparently pulled himself up. I'm not really paying attention because I'm cooking, right?

Suddenly I'm aware that I can hear the chair sliding across the dining room floor. I look and see that he is still standing - and PUSHING THE CHAIR!!! Really TAKING STEPS!!!

I would have tried this months ago, but I tend to think inside the box. Ralph does not.