Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm buried in paper. Can you believe that I'm still trying to get our insurance company to pay for several claims that are over a year old? Can you believe that I've called them repeatedly they say they will research the matter and call me back, and never call me back? You can?

We never had a bit of trouble with insurance before Ralph was born. Now everything seems to be a battle. Could it be that, knowing I'm buried in paper, they are playing games? You know, a 'let's see what we can get away with' kind of game.

The hospital is still negotiating with them over a supposedly experimental treatment from May/June 2007. Nitric? For pulmonary hypertension? Hardly experimental. We are talking big bucks here...not something anyone wants hanging over their head for over a year.

The latest outrage is that they have begun holding me responsible for two $25 co-pays each time we visit the cardiologist. One for the doctor visit and another for the echo that is done during the doctor visit!!

Oh, here is a funny one! I get accident information request forms quite often for doctor visits. I guess the insurance company wants to make certain that no one else is responsible or legally liable for an injury before they will pay. I got a request for Jordan for July 8, 2008. I can't even remember taking him to the doctor that day so I called the office to see if they could refresh my memory. Turns out, now I remember, that I took him in for a tick bite! It looked particularly nasty, with red rings around it. Tell me, though, how a tick bite can be mistaken for an accidental injury!