Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Speaking of trampolines...

When we moved to our new house a while back we didn't quite get everything. From the old house to the new is less than 1 mile, so we didn't really need a truck. We just took the seats out of the van and that worked great. But, we never moved the trampoline and playhouse. They were just too big and too hard to take apart.
We finally moved it over last Friday. Here's how:

The little kids were so excited that they have done nothing else but play on it since then. The tow truck driver said he will never forget the look on their faces when he pulled up - priceless! They moved the playhouse, too. I even took Ralph out to play on it last night. You never saw such a happy baby! We would have spent more time out back, but I thought the mosquitos might carry him away.