Friday, November 7, 2008

Handbag drawing and other stuff

I'm drawing a name tonight. The lucky person will get a customized handbag from! I'm so happy that $235 was contributed to Oleg's adoption grant fund. I'll be even more tickled if some wonderful family commits to him during the Christmas Angel Tree Project!

Here's what I did - I put all the names into column A in a spreadsheet. I then generated a list of random integers and put them into column B. Then I sorted the two columns by the numbers in the random list. This gives me a random list of names. Next I used a random integer generator to pick one number - the corresponding name is the winner! Am I a geek or what?

The winner is - #12 Laura Mendez! Woo-hoo! I can't wait to see how your new creation turns out.


I spent the day organizing my bills and stuff. I just put the bills in a pile until I have money to pay them - great system, huh? The pile was getting out of hand, but now it is under control again.

Part of the big pile is claim forms for our health care flexible spending account. This is a way to use pre-tax money to pay for medical bills. For years I have sent in copies of receipts along with a form to be reimbursed for medical expenses. This year our company sent out a Visa card to use instead.

I was so happy about not having to send in receipts and forms. It was going to be great. Except one thing - 3 of Ralph's 4 prescriptions are from a compounding pharmacy. When I use the Visa card there the payment gets rejected every single time. The dentist payment was rejected, too. So today I spent today tracking down receipts and filling out forms - the very thing I thought I wouldn't have to do anymore. GRRRRRRRR!


I personally put Ralph's cannula back on 17 times today. (Other people in the house also replaced it a time or two.) Yes, I counted. I seemed like 100 times, but it is not right to exaggerate, so I counted.

I have a long mirror propped against the wall in the hallway where Ralph plays. It is so funny to watch him crawl down the hall while looking in the mirror! He crawls back and forth, looking at himself all the while. He even shares his bottle with the baby in the mirror, so I know he won't die of thirst like Narcissus!

Ralph has a couple of new signs, eat and all done. He uses both appropriately. We are going to start working with flash cards very soon. My goal is to teach him some sight words along with their signs. He's a very bright boy. I don't see any reason why he shouldn't be learning to read!