Friday, November 14, 2008

MomDot Blog Party Day 3

DAY THREE QUESTION-Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Do you budget for the holidays? Do you always stick to your budget? Share with us any budgeting tips you may have!

Oh boy! I have just started THINKING about Christmas presents. In the past, I normally would have picked up a few things here and there already. I would have found something special on clearance and stashed it away.

This year is a little different. We are still playing catch-up from when we got behind on our bills. Ralph's medical bills are still rolling in. And, we've had two house payments for a long time until just last month when we FINALLY sold our old house. Phew!

I've never budgeted for the Holidays. Maybe I should, but I just don't. I'll make a list for each child of things that they need and want. Daddy and I will go over the list and shop for them together. This may take more than one trip! LOL

Since I don't have budgeting tips to share, I'll share a cheap-o gift idea. There have been other lean Christmas times for us. One year when I had to literally clean out the couch cushions for loose change, I made rice bags for each child. I bought a large bag of rice from a warehouse store. Then I found some fabric remnants at Wal-mart. I made large 9 x 13 pouches and filled them with rice and sewed them up tight.

These rice bags were the best gift ever! Everyone loved theirs...and we began the rice bag ritual at bedtime. Each child got to put their rice bag in the microwave for 3-4 minutes and head off to warm up their cold bed. Sometimes they would warm one up for their feet while doing homework at the kitchen table. Sometimes I would swipe one to use for myself!

I hope your Christmas shopping is fun and that you don't break the bank!

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Staci said...

What a great idea with the rice bags! We love to make and give homemade gifts. They're so fun and meaningful.

Tena said...

love the rice bag idea! Although my kids would probably use them more for a " hot potato" game! Anything that can be thrown, will be in this house!

Custom Blog Designs said...

We use our rice bags nightly!

I'll be putting instructions for making them on my blog on Monday!

Proud Mommy said...

Man I wish I could sew!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good idea!! NO budgeting ideas from me, but I would love to see some, as I am not organized when it comes to Christmas, all though I do have Stephanie's 5 boy's all the gifts and they are even wrapped,but it kind of stopped there, I do love the rice bag idea, I think I may try it!


Nanny A said...

I love the rice bag idea! I might have to make those for my nanny charge kidlets!

Tracye said...

great idea!

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

The rice bag idea is really neat. How creative and special. My daughter is like Tena's kids - she'd be throwing it all over the house. I'm sure you will come up with something just as creative this year.

3 Kids and Us said...

The rice bag idea is cute! I bet you could even make little foot shaped ones to rub your feetsies into.

Momstart said...

You have a great blog, I hope your Christmas shopping is fun