Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Wednesday

So, I totally blew off the MomDot Blog Party today. And, I don't even feel like writing right now, but I have to stay up for another half hour to give Ralph his medicine anyway. So here I go...

Ralph is so cool. Sometimes I just love staring at him, taking in all his coolness! He's been a bit difficult to feed lately. I'm trying to get him to eat table food. Baby food and Pediasure gets expensive after a while and he has a good set of teeth now. But he balks at anything that is not smooshy. He turns his head and he signs "all done."

I got tired of dealing with him last night so I just set a bowl of macaroni and a shrimp fork on his high chair tray. What do you know - that little booger cleaned it all up. He did really good with the fork! What he couldn't get with the fork he picked up with his hands. So now I know he's been holding out on me!
Notice the dog in the background? He loves it when I feed Ralph!

Thomas turned 9 this week. I wish I had time to scan some baby pics. He was SO chunky. And those eyes...I used to call him doll-eyes! He still has them doesn't he? Poor little guy had a fever that day. I wasn't going to force him to smile.

How do you like my 30 minute lion cake? Seems like I never take the time to do anything right these days. But he liked it and that is all that counts.
Today was my lunch at the tea room with my quilting friends. We do this occasionally and leave the kids at church with a sitter. I love to hang out with these gals. Some are moms, some are grandmas, and we have the most interesting conversations!
I get the itch to open a restaurant every time I eat at a tea room. The food was very great - my corned beef sandwich was REAL corned beef! But the service was a bit slow and they had to turn people away because the dining area was full. If they would convert some of their retail floorspace to a dining area and turn their tables a bit faster, OH what money could be made!!
Tonight, I shopped for Operation Christmas Child. I have such a hard time picking out things to go in the shoebox to be sent overseas. I'm always afraid I'll get something that is on the no-no list. I ended up getting a baby doll with a bottle, hair pretties, combs, a little satin purse, socks, stuffed mouse, a pink nubby ball, and twizzlers.
When I got home, the stuff didn't fit in the shoebox we picked out. So, I found a bigger box! We will drop this off at church tomorrow.
I also took Wesley shopping for a new coat tonight. I'm so glad he has a job now and buys his own stuff. It's hard to blow a lot of money on a coat when it is your OWN money! We went to the military surplus store. He found a great coat - long black with a furry lining - for only $18. They had a lot of really cool coats in the $150 range. I wonder how warm they are?