Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend Update

I seriously can't believe that it is November already. Each new month is sneaking up on me. And then, it's gone! My mother called today to ask about Christmas lists. Christmas?! I'm still trying to figure out plans for Thanksgiving. Funny though, as I was cruising down the main street of a nearby small town tonight, I noticed a Christmas tree all decorated and lit up!

Oh, about the deer neck was delish! I was concerned at first that I'd have to give it to the dog, but it turned out quite good. The meat was very tender and tasty. Better than any old beef stew I've had. I added 5 pounds of gold potatoes and 1 pound of carrots. I did run out of carrots, but it was all I had on hand. Ralph even liked the stew!

Ralph has been coughing at night and I noticed that he has a lacy red rash all over his trunk and face. Viral, I'm certain. He isn't interested in eating much, but he is drinking fine. His sats are good, too. I'll give him until Monday to perk up before I call the doctor.

James has been coughing, too. And sneezing. He was on the phone the other day when he had to sneeze. Did your mom ever tell you not to hold in a sneeze? She was right. James tried to hold in his sneeze and felt something pop in his chest. He's been in a great deal of pain ever since. It's either a rib out of place or a muscle strained.

Richard is at a youth convention in Oklahoma this weekend. Wesley is working today. Chipper had a music festival all day today. Thomas had a sleep over last night. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend when we will all be together! I'll leave you with a picture of Ralph on his rocking giraffe. Giraffe? I know, it's weird, huh?