Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today is not the day.

Ralph is looking much better today. He is awake and playing with daddy right now. Yesterday he slept all day...very strange for him.

I was very concerned about his nose yesterday. I could tell by the sound that he was mouth breathing. I couldn't tell if his nose was stuffed, or irritated and puffed up. I doesn't matter how much oxygen you push through a cannula if the poor kid can't breathe through his nose. I could feel and hear the air going in and coming right back out of his nose.

This morning Ralph was a mess after his nosebleed last night. I asked the Resp. Tech to leave me some saline and help me clean his nose up. She didn't have much luck. A bit later I tried to suction him again and I pulled some huge clots out of both sides of his nose. Since then I've been able to go down to 2 liters of oxygen! Yay! I think I could go down some more, but he is so active that the sat probe doesn't get good readings.

Ralph is not going home today, though. The docs are being extra cautious, considering how sick he got last year. Today they are going to do some snot cultures and give Atrovent with his breathing treatments. Maybe tomorrow?