Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold Day

School was cancelled on Friday due to the cold.

The cold.

Yes, it was cold. Highs around 10F. However, we were the only school district in the area to cancel class. It's just weird. After getting the kids back in school after Christmas, I was looking forward to getting into a groove at home. I'll try again next week.

Ralph enjoys doing math facts with Jordan.

Perfect paper!

Ruby and Jordan having a "moment."

I like to bring her playpen out to the dining room window. The afternoon sun is so nice and warm. I'm also hoping that she'll get a good dose of Vitamin D to keep her healthy.
Today I cleaned out the fridge. Well, the worst of it anyway. I found this old bottle of champagne. We bought it for the millennium which means that it is 10 years old! I've been looking at it, shuffling it around, and knocking it over for 10 years! We even moved it over here from the old house.

Considering that it is the new year and all...and I didn't make any real resolutions or anything...I vowed today to stop procrastinating and stop waiting for a more special occasion and just drink the darn thing!
It is delicious and dry but I'm wishing now that I had invited someone over to help me! Dad won't help and the kids aren't allowed. If I'm not at church tomorrow morning, you'll know why!


Lacey said...

No resolutions for me either. just hoping for less surgeries and hospital stays than last year!

Kim said...

To me, the weirdest part of the school closing is that it was actually colder on Thursday than it was on Friday. My kids were not happy that your school district got cancelled and it didn't cancel here in "the big city". They said it's really all the same town anyway. LOL

Sally said...

Well, I saw you at church this morning, smiling and everything, so I guess you didn't get too carried away, huh? =) BTW, I totally would have helped you dispose of that bottle...keep that in mind for next time. LOL

Oh, and don't even get me stated on the silly canceling of school on friday. Just ridiculous, I say!

therextras said...

I would have guessed the fizz-all-gone by now, but you meant it was never opened before - ?! You the woman! I was going suggest you use it in cooking - which I do btw with stuff like stir fry with bell pepper like you have displayed.

I like the way Ralph is holding the pencil. From what I can see.