Monday, January 25, 2010

Hair and teeth.

Ralph's appointment in Kansas City had to be cancelled. He had a fever last night and Ruby was just a mess this morning. She was pitifully sick, coughing and snotty. I took her to the doctor and it turns out that she has two very angry eardrums. No wonder she's been so unhappy. Poor sweetie.

I hope that we all perk up this week. Over the past few weeks we have dealt with a few kids here and there with mild ill health. You know, not 100% sick but not 100% well either. You can tell in these photos that Ralph is not 100%. Still cute, though!

Saturday was haircut day! Gotta lose that Vulcan vibe.
First time in the chair. What a big boy!
Ralph is just about "done" here, if you know what I mean!

He unloaded all the baby food. Now there is room for the baby!
He surprised his big brothers. They could hear him in the kitchen, but didn't know where he was! Priceless.
First time in the "car" cart. He only escaped 5 times.
Rose is a real snaggle-tooth today! It's driving me nuts. If this tooth is not gone by morning, I'm going to deal with it...if you know what I mean.
I tamed my mountain man the other day with my new hair straightener! Isn't he handsome?


Lacey said...

He looks like he handled that haircut nicely. I loved those car shopping carts when my boys were little.

therextras said...

Wesley IS handsome. Love Rose's blue eyes. Ralph continues to define CUTE. Barbara