Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good news!

Dawn. Not always my favorite time of day. But, a view like this makes getting out of bed a little easier.
Ralph had a great visit to the cardiologist on Wednesday. For the first time ever, he walked in under his own power. He stood on the big scale and not the one with the baby seat. He stood by the wall for the nurse to measure his height instead of her using the measuring tape.

He let her take his blood pressure and pulse ox. He only ripped of an EKG probe twice...he's NOT a perfect angel! The echo was like a rodeo. I have to laugh when I think about how much wiggling and bucking he did. It is a wonder that any decent measurements were taken.

Apparently, the measurements were good enough for the doc. He would have taken us back to redo the echo himself if they weren't! His pulmonary pressures measured normal.

That's a word we don't hear around here all that often. It has a nice ring to it! We are cutting back on Ralph's heart meds over the next three months and then stopping them. He goes back for a recheck in six months.
You can take your pulmonary hypertension and shove it!


Anonymous said...

Hear's an Alleluia Chorus to go with that sunrise and the medical news!

Loved the animal hospital, too!


Sally said...

Love it!! Praise God! Great news!!

Are you going to play date at Becky's next Friday?

Regina said...

Yeah!! What great news! PH can just go away!!

SunflowerMom said...


Anna said...

Love the news..... esp when wearing such a great tie!

Kim said...

Hurray! fantastic news!!!

i LOVE his shirt and tie. he is just too cute!