Thursday, January 28, 2010

My big (ish) news items!

This is not quite the dramatic intro that I had imagined, but it's not that big and plus I can't make you wait forever, can I?

I've been poking around for about 5 months looking for a paying job that would not interfere with my family responsibilities. I have some debt to retire and giving that I'm compelled to do. I thought that driving a school bus would be ideal but that whole process was a mess. I'm done with it.

Last Sunday I started working in the church nursery! I can't believe that I get to play with little kids and get paid for it. This is not the opportunity that I had in mind because it is only a few hours each week. But every little bit helps right?

That was the warm-up act. This is the main event: Introducing Ruby Jean's Raggy Jean Quilts!

This is a photo of the first raggy quilt I made. It's been washed a bazillion times and it is as pretty and soft and cozy as ever. I'm in the process of setting up and Etsy shop for RJ's RJQs. I'm making beautiful oversized raggy baby quilts from flannel and re-purposed denim.

I was hoping to have one ready to show you, but I'm still busy cutting up my very first batch of donated jeans. Yep, donated! I will use as much gifted material as possible because the proceeds of the sale of these baby quilts will go straight to Reece's Rainbow adoption grant funds.

I love creating. I love being at home with my family. I love giving to Reece's Rainbow. I'm so happy that I found a way to do all three.

So, hang with me. I plan to have some more photos to share soon. And, if you have some denim or flannel you would like to contribute, please leave me a comment with contact info. I will not publish your private information.


therextras said...

Wow! The quilt is beautiful! And both of your needs are being met! This is great news, Stephanie! I will be keeping any denim or flannel that comes my way for you.

Leslie said...

Very pretty! My daughter Rebecca just finished sewing up one of these too. That is wonderful you are setting up shop. We've been meaning to do that with Rebecca's bracelets, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

Enjoy and I hope it is very profitable for you!