Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ralph had a great day today. His Rainbows teacher and speech therapist visited this morning. They really have great ears, because they were able to pick out new sounds that he is making. I don't know why but I don't generally notice until they point them out to me.

After Ralph's teachers left I had to hurry to pick up a quick lunch for him, Leroy and Ruby and drop them off at the church nursery. He had a great time eating lunch and playing with his friends at church.

Ralph enjoyed watching the president on TV to top off the day. I don't know who turned on the TV when we got home from AWANA, but I caught him paying very close attention and then standing and clapping every now and then!! Too funny.

The reason that I dropped the kids of at church at lunchtime was so that I could have lunch with my quilting friends. I just love these ladies. Can you believe that they, 11 or so of them, sang happy birthday to me in the middle of a packed Olive Garden?

I started going to quilting on Wednesday mornings because the county commission meeting was broadcast on PBS and Chipper was sad that he couldn't watch Sesame Street! So I took him to church to play with friends in the nursery while I learned to quilt.

That was almost 11 years ago! I don't get to attend quilting as much as I used to, but I still love to spend time with these dear friends. Here is a photo of the MCC quilt that our group donated in 2009:

Pretty huh? My hands were totally numb from my pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome, but I did do some of this quilting on this quilt last year. I hope to share some more quilting news with you very soon!!


Regina said...

Very pretty quilt! That's funny about Ralph clapping!

Anna said...

What a beautiful quilt! I LOVE it. I am glad you have "a group". As mothers we need our outings our "thing" and its is so hard to do it, for me. Mine is knitting. I get to see both my church knitters and my "in town" knitters today. Thats a hoot about him watching, and clapping.