Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy Friday

I am looking forward to a busy day tomorrow. First is Richard's "signing." He will be signing a letter of intent to run for his college. Isn't that exciting? I'm supposed to bring cookies to share and you know I'll be there with a camera, too.

In the afternoon I have Ralph's first ever IEP meeting! I hope that it is very straightforward. I know which services he qualifies for. I know what I will fight for now and what can wait for later. Anyway, I will let you know how it turns out.

After the IEP meeting I'm going to start cooking up some enchiladas! I'm making these as an adoption fundraiser. $20 per dozen. I'm still taking orders if you live in the area.

What a busy way to end a great week!

Here is Ralph at school the last day of his testing. He wasn't really interested in me or looking at the camera. He's all about school, a real serious student.

Hanging up his sweater.
Gotta make sure the door is all the way shut!

Picking out a book for circle time!


Amy L said...

Isn't he cute! I had Caleb and Elijah's IEP'S yesterday. They LOVE school, especially the bus.:)

Lacey said...

Look at him going to school! What a big boy!

Regina said...

So cute! Jayden gets to have his first IEP meeting in May. You will have to let me know how Ralph's goes. I'm still not sure what services to ask for besides the PT, OT and speech.

Anonymous said...

His cuteness just continues to increase! Barbara