Friday, April 2, 2010

Ralph's new horn.

We had a great time playing out back last weekend. It was nice to soak up some sunshine. Someone broke the cute little bell on Ralph's adapted trike so Thomas took the horn off of his own bike to give to Ralph.

Ralph couldn't quite get the horn to work...with his hands anyway. He figured this out on his own! Then I ran to get the camera, 'cause it was so darn cute!


Anonymous said...

He has time to learn to squeeze it before Halloween. Then a fedora with curly hair around the edge and a trenchcoat - Harpo!

Or not. Just saying. So.darn.cute!


Anonymous said...

I was in a hurry yesterday and couldn't remember if you all dress-up for Halloween or not. If not - sincere apologies for the suggestion. Guess I'm showing my age by mentioning Harpo Marx (not the famous person's media company). I do think that by Ralph learning to squeeze the hornbulb, with 2 hands maybe, that would be good for his fine motor skill development. Now that he likes to hear the sound....

Thinking about Harpo might have given me an idea for a post on non-verbal communication. Thanks!

A blessed Easter to you and your family! Barbara