Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last Saturday

Last Saturday we attended the Down Syndrome Society talent show. I missed the meeting last month because our home study visit was scheduled for that day. I've been too busy to practice any talent entries with my children, but it is always fun to go anyway.

We saw some beautiful children dancing, singing, reciting and one duo with a basketball routine. All were wonderful and sincerely appreciated by the enthusiastic audience with generous applause. Ruby and Ralph both love to clap and yell so they were quite happy.

One family brought a drum set for their little boy to play in the show. When he came to the front of the room he had a change of heart. Poor sweetie. The parents coaxed him. His sister showed him what to do. He wasn't having any part of it.

Ralph was trying to get away from me to run up front and get his hands on that drum set. The dad caught his eye and invited Ralph to come up and give it a try!! No coaxing required. He grabbed those drumsticks and started pounding away. The room erupted in yeas and laughter and applause. Then I think he pounded louder.

The other little boy was suddenly interested in playing! I went up front to collect Ralph so his little friend could play. His friend did a wonderful job, too, and was also the recipient of thunderous applause.

My Ralphie. He's amazing.


Anonymous said...

That was GREAT! Yes, amazing!

Sally said...

So sweet! I agree - your Ralphie is amazing!

Lacey said...

Wow, that is some fantastic drum playing!!