Monday, April 5, 2010


Ralphie is taking a very big step tomorrow.

He starts preschool!

OK, not really. He starts his IEP testing at the preschool, during preschool hours, in the preschool classroom. So you see what I mean!
I don't really know what to expect, but I think he is ready. He has been showing some great signs of growing up lately.
Like one day he was standing at the back window watching the other children play outside. His little face was so dejected! I asked him if he was sad. And then, get this, he pulled his face down with his hands and stuck out his lip. That was the sign for sad!! It's possible that he simply signed sad because I said the word. I choose to believe that he is getting in touch with his emotions!
One problem, his testing is in the afternoon during prime nap-time hours. I tried to keep him up today, but he fell asleep on the family room floor. Oh well, I told the school that he is no good in the afternoon, but that is the only time available. On the bright side, if he performs poorly, we may end up with more services!!
IEP in a couple of weeks! My initiation is on the horizon.


Lacey said...

Oh I think preschool will make him blossom. So many kids to interact with, how fun!