Friday, April 9, 2010

Preschool testing.

What a fun week it was for Ralph! Not only was grandma visiting but he had a chance to attend school for the first time ever.

If you know me, then you know that I'm a big fan of home schooling. I had imagined that I might keep Ralph at home for his education. But, if you know Ralph, then you know that all this kid wants to do is GO! He is forever grabbing a bag, a hat and some keys and heading to the front door. NOBODY is going to hold this boy back! He's going to thrive in school.

Now that he is relatively healthy, I feel better about him being in a classroom situation anyway. I'm not as freaky about him catching a cold as I used to be. There was a time when there was a sign on my front door asking people to wash hands and remove shoes when they entered. I hope those days are gone forever.

Anyway, school was a huge hit! Even though Ralph missed his normal nap time three days this week, it didn't affect him too much. He was pretty wiped out, but took a shorter nap when he got home.

The teacher did say that Ralph really kept them on their toes! No surprises there. I have also become familiar with the other "R" word. Yep, they have labeled him as a "runner." I prefer to call him opportunist. He sees an open door as a opportunity...for I don't know what. Excitement? Thrill of being chased? Adventure? Sometimes I wish I could get into that cute little head and find out what he's thinking.

Soon I'll be initiated into the IEP brotherhood. I know I have a lot to learn. His meeting is scheduled for April 23 and he will start attending school for real on the following Monday.


Patrice said...

Go Ralphie, go Ralphie! :)

Jaxon's IEP is Monday morning, but he's not going to go to school until next fall. He'd probably do fine, but Mama's not, Jaxon isn't walking yet, and I'm not sure the school is set up to deal with a non-ambulatory toddler. Hopefully he'll be walking before school starts in August. He's been right on the verge of walking for over 6 months now.

I hear ya on the homeschooling issue...we always thought we'd homeschool our little ones right along with our older kids, and we tried it one year, but...I don't just didn't work. Jaden is a social butterfly, and he absolutely *loves* going to school. he is just like Ralph, always jumping up and ready to head out the door whenever anyone is going out, and even when we're *not* going out...hence the reason we have a security system on our exterior doors. ;)


TheRextras said...

Woohoo, Stephanie!

ashleypmo said...

Oh....we get that other "R" word with Mason as well. He learned to open doors this week---I'm afraid...very afraid...