Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My wasted day.

Oh what a day. I had a doctor appointment today. I might tell you about it sometime. I'm fresh out of teenagers at home so I was going to drop a few children and a stroller at the zoo with a friend. I was getting ready to leave when it dawned on me that when the guys took the van to the shop to have the AC looked at again, they took the carseats and stroller with it.

I had a 30 second panic attack and then I pressed on. Ruby still fits in an infant seat. I found something else for Ralph. The zoo trip wasn't going to work without a stroller; I wouldn't do that to a friend. It's a good thing it didn't work.

I arrived 15 minutes early. While checking in, with Ralph on my hip and Ruby in the baby seat, I was informed that the doc was running 30 minutes behind. I had a bad feeling about this. Long story short...we were there 2 1/2 hours. Right thru lunch. The receptionist did feel sorry for me and brought us some crackers and bottled water. What a way to waste a day.

When I got home the house was 83F! Last night was so cool and comfy that we had turned off the AC. The poor dog was miserable! The kids at home were smart enough to play in the basement where it was a little cooler. I just felt bad for being gone so long, nearly 4 hours.

Tomorrow...guess what? If you said another doctor appointment, you win!

Ralph is going to the cardiologist for his six month check. Actually it's only been five. I moved the appointment up since James and I may be out of the country next month. I'm hopeful that the doctor will make some additional medicine changes and I wanted to do this before we leave. I'm hoping that the changes will make it easier to care for him while we are gone.

Ralph is only on one medication these days. I'm looking forward to the day when he is on NONE!


Anonymous said...

You did well. Had a day or two like that myself. Believing tomorrow will go better for you and the children and the dog. ;) Barbara