Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tomorrow is another (busy) day.

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday weekend!

On Monday, I took the opportunity to take a three hour drive to go see my mom and grandma. It was the one day that we had no ball games, nothing going on at church, and dad was at home - very important because I was not about to take everyone with me this time! I took Richard, Rose and Ruby.

I took Richard because he is leaving for California on Saturday morning. He'll be gone all summer working at a camp outside of Fresno. When he gets home in August he will only have two or three days before he needs to report to his college. I'm not even sure when I will see him, since I may be in Europe in August! :(

I took Ruby with me because she needed to show off to her great-grandma. They haven't seen each other since Christmas. Ruby has grown a bunch since then and is walking now. She is just plain fun!

Don't ask me why I took Rose, because sometimes I even wonder! Her nickname is boo, as in boo-hoo if you catch my drift. She just loves her grandmas, so I guess it was a good thing to take her. She did cry all the way home, though. It must be hard to be a seven year old girl.

We got home really late on Monday night. I couldn't get to sleep right away because I was really wired from driving. Tuesday morning came very early. I really wondered what went on when I wasn't here. Mainly because of what I found in Ralph's diaper that morning! I appeared that Ralph had eaten a bunch of sawdust the day before. I'm not sure if I even want to ask.

This morning was an appointment bonanza. Three children, four appointments, four different forms to be filled out! It's good to get things done in an efficient way like that. Next week is different with an appointment or meeting on each day of the week. Not really looking forward to that. It really messes up my day.

I'm a little disappointed in our summer so far. I was looking forward to doing some fun things together. So far I've lost total control over the house! Maybe I'm just having a bad day. I'm still worn out from my day trip on Monday. I've got zero energy today.

Well, I think I'll go to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is another day.


Anonymous said...

Control is an illusion. ;)

Hope you have a restful weekend this week, but still, trips to grandma's are worth the recovery, right?

I feel for you sending the second one off - I'm still not used to it.