Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goodbye Richard, hello potty!

This morning I put my second son on a plane for California. Actually, I hugged him and watched him walk off into the security check. He's working with the maintenance department of a Christian camp outside of Fresno.

I know that he is going to have a great summer. He'll have plenty of free time to enjoy Gods creation and train for his upcoming cross-country season at a higher altitude. He won't have any small children to look after, dishes to wash, or...I was going to say laundry, but he will still be doing his own laundry!

One small problem. He took my camera. Honestly, the camera belongs to him. I've just been using it so much and for so long that it seems like it's mine. I promised photos of Ralph and I don't have them yet!

On a brighter note, Ralph is acting so grown up lately! He is using the potty regularly during the day. Soon, I'll bet, he will be dry all day long. It is so cool to watch him finally "get it" when I ask him to go potty. He such a little champ!!


Regina said...

Yeah for Ralph!! What a huge milestone! Hope you older son has a great summer and I'm sure he will learn a lot!