Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ralph's wish.

Please ignore the dirty mirror! Ralph just LOVES to steal someones drink and sit in front of his mirror. He likes to watch himself drink! He also loves to kiss his reflection. Hence, the gooky glass!
Today the Make-a-Wish wish granters came over to our house. Yep, Ralph is getting a wish! Since Ralph does not even know who Mickey Mouse is, he would not wish to go to Disney World. Could you imagine sending our whole family? Ridiculous.

Ralph's greatest desire seems to be to "go!" Going outside to play is what turns this kid on. He needs a safe, enclosed place to play. We'll be working with the wish granters to come up with just the right thing. He's going to be sooooo happy when it's ready. Can't wait!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Did you read the wish granted Zoe over Little Wonders? I thought they did a good job on a non-Disney wish. Barbara