Monday, September 13, 2010

Movin' on up!

Yesterday was move-up Sunday at church. The kids get to move up to the next grade level at Sunday school.

Ralph has moved up to the three year old class! He (and me too!) is so blessed to have a wonderful new buddy to help him navigate and "do" Sunday school. Our church likes to invite people to volunteer to help children with a variety of special needs during their Sunday school hour. It's a blessing for the children to fully participate. It's a blessing for the parents to have time to worship freely without worrying about their child. It's a blessing for the buddy to connect with a non-typical child.

Ralph's newest buddy is a sign interpreter at a local school district. How perfect is that? I spent a few minutes observing them before heading off to my own class. I know that she will insist that he uses his signs for words that he does not yet say. He doesn't say much just yet, but his speech IS improving. I'll bet he learns lots of new signs too!

Does your church have volunteers to assist children with special needs? I'd like to encourage you to find out. Did you know that many families with special needs children do not feel welcome in church? The parents and their children need the chance to learn, worship and fellowship just like everyone else.

My prayer is that when Zhen and Theo are ready to attend Sunday school there will be a buddy available for them, too. There is a need at FMBC for helpers to serve and care for children who need individual assistance. Consider if you might be willing to serve God in this very special way.