Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Very Veggie Ralphie!

Since I was gone for six weeks this summer I missed a lot. One of the things that happened while I was gone was this: Ralph grew up!

He's bigger, of course you know that kids grow like weeds in the summer time. But it is more than that. Suddenly, Ralph can walk in the grocery store and even help get items out of the cart at the checkout. Before, he would have been carried in and strictly confined to the shopping cart.

He pushes Zhen and Ruby on the swings out back, without being asked. He can climb the ladder on the slide all by himself. He's suddenly using the potty more often!!!

I wondered, is Ralph mature enough to handle an event like Veggie Tales Live? We were blessed with complementary tickets so I decided to find out last night.

I'm gonna brag a bit on my handsome little man...he did awesome! The parking lot was packed and the general admission seating was a little crazy, but we found some decent seats. The hardest part was waiting for the show to start. But once it did, we all had a great time!

There was clapping, waving, squealing and dancing going on in my lap. Ralph was very focused on the characters and the songs. After intermission, when the people in front of us left, I let him stand in front of me and he learned the moo-shu dance!!

It is hard to believe that Ralph could be any more fun to have around. And then, he gets to be more fun!! I'm so blessed to have this little boy.


TherExtras said...

And I just keep falling in love with him over and over again!


Julie said...

Sooo jealous! I would love to go to Veggie Tales Live! And take a kid ;)