Saturday, September 25, 2010


We had so much fun yesterday!! The local Make-A-Wish chapter took a group of wish-kids and their families to meet the USAF Thunderbirds. What an adventure for me and eight children!

We were required to park and take a special bus onto the base. Can you imagine me single handedly putting eight children, two diaper bags, and two strollers on a bus? Thank God there were airmen on board to help out. Another airman handed me some little boxes on my way onto the bus. Ear protection. Great. More stuff to carry.

Once all the kids were safely off the bus and strapped into strollers they were handed treat bags stuffed with snacks and drinks. (more stuff to carry) I spent the next half hour trying to get, and keep, ear plugs in the babies ears. Ralph did great and left them in. Ruby kept taking hers out until I begged for some scissors to trim them down to fit better. Then she was fine. Theo wore the parts I trimmed off of Ruby's. Zhen...well guess. He freaked out and cried, so I spent the whole time holding him with his one ear buried in my chest and my hand covering his other. :)
Ralph had a great time walking around with Thomas, just like one of the big kids. He found an airman with a golf cart and a walkie talkie and then he climbed up into his lap! Ralph was really more impressed with pretend driving the golf cart than we was with the planes performing intricate death defying maneuvers. Whatever. He was happy!
After the Thunderbirds were done with their practice/private demonstration they came to greet our group. I had to chuckle a bit. The planes were parked about a football field away from us, but the crew was driven over in a nice 15 passenger van. Believe me, when I tell you I have an eye for 15 passenger vans!!
All the kids got pins and books signed by the whole crew. Even the flight surgeon and mechanics! They were all so friendly and bright. I'm very proud to have a group of men and women like this representing our country.
I've been to a few airshows, but this one was different. I can't quite put my finger on what the difference could be, but I had chills watching the fighters approaching us. Something about it seemed more real than ever before. I know that makes no sense. I cannot put it into words.
I'm really grateful for the Make-A-Wish foundation. I hope that you support them when you have the opportunity.


Barbara said...

How neat! What a gift to those flyers and their crew! (It does work that way, you know?)