Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What? Where?

Not quite sure what happened around here while I was gone halfway around the world, but...

my house smells bad. Tell me I'm not the only one who has experienced this. You go on a trip and you come home and your house smells weird? It can't help that several children had multiple bouts of a stomach virus over the summer.

I'm working on dusting and cleaning the carpets this week. Thank you Debbie for loaning me your carpet cleaner!!

Also, why is there food splattered all over the walls? Was there a food fight or something? Don't worry, I will clean it up. Whenever I ask someone to wipe walls they end up taking the paint off too!

And, where is the baby bouncy seat? Where is the baby pool? How can these things get lost? Where is my sifter and pastry blender? Why is there milk in the fridge that expired in July? Inquiring minds want to know!

Theo had a doctor appointment yesterday. Zhen had one today. Tomorrow is free and clear, so I'll be working around the house all day. Just the way I like it! Boring!


Lacey said...

Thats funny, because I'm trying to get everything clean before I travel! I want my sister to have a clean house, and I need to get Makayla's room ready for her!

TherExtras said...

Looks like the good life to me.

More on your 4 youngest children, please. After the air freshens in your home. ;) Barbara