Monday, September 6, 2010

Welcome back!

A few cool mornings ago when I walked out of the house I saw a large, amazing spider web on the corner of the house with a beautiful fat spider sitting in the middle. This tells me that summer is slipping away.

We experienced a crew change this summer. Our most experienced two boys have moved on and left home for college. We added two new rookies. You can read all about that at Psalm68.

We are so proud of our new boys, Theodore and Zhen. What a blessing we are to each other! Dad and I traveled to nearly the other side of the earth to redeem these beautiful boys. You be seeing and hearing much more about them in the near future.

No sooner had our new boys joined the crew when one of the boys was admitted to a hospital over 200 miles away from home. I found myself sleeping on a couch once again. We moved from one institution to another!

Now we are all home again. And though summer has slipped through my fingers, we are enjoying every last minute of it. I have the sunburn to prove it! I'm looking forward to whipping everyone back into shape around here, getting organized, and laying low for awhile.

Welcome back to Ralph and the Crew.


TherExtras said...

*smiling* It's good to be here again. *deepsigh* Off to read if you told more of the recent hospital visit. Barbara