Monday, November 22, 2010

Saturday last...

Last Saturday was a big day for young Thomas. It was his first big race day. 2 miles. He did awesome!

New shoes! Birthday present from the family!

Ralph was in total heaven today with thousands of people to wave and say "hello" to!!

Here we are waiting for Thomas to hit the 1 mile mark.

Waiting and watching...

Here's the happy birthday boy with his proud daddy.

Now we are at the 7 mile mark waiting for big brother Richard to appear. He ran the 10 mile race!!

Leroy found some golf balls. ???

Rose and her super-cute wind-blown new haircut.

Zhen. Shhhhh. Don't let the nannies at the orphanage know that I let him take off his hat and mittens.

Here's Richard. Awesome!!

I told the children they could throw sticks in the river while we were waiting for Richard to come around to the 9 mile mark.

Ahhh! Happiness! What is better than throwing things into the river? Hey, don't worry. It's a Kansas river...only about 4 inches deep.

Later that time! The birthday boy wanted to cut his own birthday pie. I served it with ice cream. ha! Different, for sure.
Thomas also asked for duct tape for his birthday. How redneck is that?!?! He's actually making a suit of armor. Here are the shoes.

What a fun weekend we had together!!


Vonda said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and the updates. What a great weekend for the Nances! Happy Birthday to Thomas!