Sunday, November 14, 2010


One naughty happy kid!

So what's happening around here? Not much and that's good news!

The good thing about last week was that we didn't have any appointments and nothing to do that I couldn't get out of. It gave me a chance to try to find a routine. And get caught up on some special projects, too.

I got the whiteboard calendar up on the wall and loaded with appointments and activities. I moved some coat hooks out of the laundry room and over to the front door. This made room in the laundry room for another dresser. I need to go through all the kids clothes and redistribute them into the new drawers. I cleaned the carpets in the front room and in the little boys' room.

Not that there is not soooooo much more to be done. Because there is. I wish I could dedicate a couple of full days to cleaning and organizing. I could put those days to good use! While I was cleaning the carpets one of my children, who shall remain nameless, dumped a full garbage can down the basement staircase. *sigh* More carpet to clean.

This week the insanity starts all over again. Wall to wall doctor appointments, birthdays, school programs, oh my!


Anonymous said...

Thinking that the cute little face is a give away hehe.
I have a toilet roll to fish out of the toilet. Which is worse that or the bin? I seem to have to do this at least once a day again at the moment.
Hope you find the time for all you have to do.


Christine said...

Adorable face!