Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I could not get myself and five of my children out of the house yesterday morning for a meeting. I felt pretty low about it. I enjoy getting together with other mothers and my children enjoy playing with other children and new and different toys. But, after losing my temper it dawned on me that this is not the season for me to be attending moms' groups.

I'm disappointed in my lameness, but still OK with the season in which I find myself.

In stark contrast with yesterday, today I'm pretty proud of myself! I actually remembered to order Ralph's medication and pick it up before a long holiday weekend. It takes two days from the day I order it. Coming up on a holiday weekend I normally find myself freaking out and begging for same day service.

Also, I made the prettiest pumpkin pies tonight.

The pecan pie is in a store bought crust. Not pretty. I haven't made pie crust in forever, but I don't know why. It's not that hard. Tomorrow we'll know if they taste good or not.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Anonymous said...

My but they ARE pretty! I made two ugly but tasty ones! ;)