Saturday, November 27, 2010

We had a fun holiday week!

Guess who?
Theo loves to rip the handle off the ice cream bucket (empty and washed, btw) and put his head inside. He had a ball rolling around on the floor like this!!

Ruby put Zhen in the rolling toy bucket and tried to pull him around. Yes, she PUT him in there. She thinks she is the mommy. She just loves that she has someone new to boss around!

Well, the little mommy didn't have the power to pull her tubby big brother so she tried to push!
That girl is so willful lately. After baths tonight we had a little bedtime snack...pie! She wouldn't let me feed her and I wasn't going to let her get pumpkin pie all over her clean jammies and in her clean hair. So she decided not to eat it. heh.

Thursday was a nice relaxing day. Dinner was a breeze to prepare thanks in part to the fully cooked smoked turkey we received from James company. The pies were done the day before so everything fell into place with little effort.
After I put the turkey in the oven to warm up I put a different turkey into the kitchen sink for a bath. It was a very cold day and far too chilly in my bathroom for me to put him in the tub. He just splashed like crazy. I mean crazy!

Here's our spread. The big pot is full of mashed potatoes. I have never made enough potatoes until this year. I still have a little left over in the fridge. Probably since Wes couldn't make it home this year. We missed him.

Ralph decided to do a little dancing later on that evening. His latest thing is the conga line. He will walk up behind you and grab your hips and start pushing. This could easily be mistaken for meanness, but no. He just wants to dance with you!!
I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving weekend! Lots to be thankful for this year, as always!!


Anonymous said...

Cracking up with that shot of Ralph in a ballet dress!

Loved reading this post, Stephanie!

What great exercise for Theo! He is definitely getting stronger! Ruby and Zhen together - a match made in heaven, eh?

I am thankful for your family. Hope Wes enjoyed his holiday, too. Our CollegeSon did not come home for the too short too expensive to travel weekend either. Can't wait to see him for Christmas! Barbara