Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Don't Blink!

My life is so fun! There is always something happening and it can be exasperating when that something is mainly poop or snot or dishes or laundry. But, life around here is never dull. That is for sure!

Quick cute story for you today. This beautiful song was on the radio as I was driving to the store today. I took Ralph with me, because he's the main troublemaker among my 5 and unders. Poor Chipper was babysitting for me, so I thought I'd give him a break from dealing with Ralph. Besides, I like shopping with Ralph. He's a blast!

So, OK. Listen to the song. It's a great message, huh?

Well, I was listening to the song and driving when it really did happen in a blink! It happened in a flash! In the time it took to look back, Ralph was GONE!!

He had busted out of his carseat and was trying out all the different seats in the van. It's a big van. See what I mean? Never dull. :)