Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry (late) Christmas!

What a week we have had! Hope your Christmas was healthier than ours!

Do you like our tree with no ornaments? Actually the ornaments were all up high, out of reach of little hands. Here are Thomas and Ralph gazing at the gifts from Santa while I finish up the morning diaper changes. Gotta get everyone squared away before they dig in!

Ruby was very cute with her new pony and her new tea set. She's a little lady.

Zhen opened his Tonka truck and disappeared into his bedroom to play!

Ralph loved his light up spinner that he found in his stocking.

Ralph has recently decided that he is through looking at the camera for me. Every time I ask him to say cheese he turns his back on me! Little turkey.

By the day after Christmas we were on the downhill slide. Lots of snotty, drippy noses. Lots of coughing. The next day sore throats, headaches and general misery. I've been to bed before 9pm all week long! Now that is sick!
A few doctor visits and a boatload of prescriptions later, we all seem to be on the upswing. Just in time for the new year. Today we enjoyed the gift of a 65 degree day. It's so fantastic at the end of December to be able to send the kids out to play and get some sunshine without heavy coats.
Yeah, I got some photos. I'll share them tomorrow!