Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's early...*yawn*

I've forgotten how much I like getting up early in the morning. I'm normally up pretty late to give meds to Ralph so mornings have not been my friend for a very long time.

But I used to get up early. As a child I would slip out of bed a 5:30-ish and join my grandma and grandpa in the kitchen. They would be drinking coffee and reading the paper and it felt special just to be hanging out with them. Grandma would normally make me some bacon and toast and occasionally I'd get a cup of sweet milky coffee! What a treat!

As a teenager I worked at our family's restaurant. We served breakfast and lunch and then closed at 3pm, so I almost always had to be there before 6am. I remember the lonely drive across town. The traffic lights that turn red when you approach, even though no one else is on the road!

I just dropped a child off at school for a wrestling tournament and experienced that lonely early morning drive again. It took be back. I could have easily gone back to bed, but I thought I would get a jump start on my day. As a mother of many, it is a good thing to be up and ready before the children wake. It puts me more in control of the day. I'm ready for the little heathens!!

The Down Syndrome Society Christmas party is today. All the kids are very excited and hope to see some old friends. I was sure to charge the camera so it doesn't die on me like it did last Sunday at church when the little kids were singing. Speaking of cameras...look at some of the photos I captured last week:

Theo gave peas a chance.

He LOVED them!

Thomas had a little mishap with a pixie stix.

My goodness he is looking grown up-ish! Except for the blue sugar on his face and shirt!

And speaking of grown up...Ralph and his awesome cardio nurse! She ended up having to take his blood pressure the old fashioned way when he couldn't quite be still enough for the machine.

Guess who loves having a new brother!

They like each other a lot! This tickle-fest went on for quite awhile...

...until someone got bitten. Yes, Zhen has some teeth.

Here is Ruby. All alone in the van with mommy. Brother's are all at school and she's chillin'. This girl...what can I say. She deserves a blog post all her own. I'll get right on that!

Coming soon...neat Christmas surprises and projects.


Julia said...

I love the early morning too. I always feel like I have 'messed up' somehow if I sleep in until 7:00!!!

LOVE the pics... Love them! Especially Pea face. Look how far he has come.... just saying...

TherExtras said...

Loved this post, Stephanie! You described your past mornings so well!

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas! Blessings on you all!

Anonymous said...

Theo has grown again in these photos! Aden went through a biting stage when he was happy playing his way of saying enough or just when he was over excited. its horrible that biting stage hope it passes quick