Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

The family is playing Yatzee while I put these photos up. We are snacking on veggies and dip, crackers and sausage and such. Our New Year's Eve tradition. Tomorrow I get to meet my new daughter. More about that later...

2010 was an incredible year for our family. Really almost unbelievable. We are so very blessed beyond comprehension. More about that later...

Ralph, again, with his cars. He made a new parking lot in the kitchen yesterday.

Yesterday was one of those precious gifts from God...a 65 F day at the end of December. How wonderful to get outside and soak up a little sunshine and fresh air!!
We are in Kansas, after all, so the wind was blowing. Theo was none too pleased with the hat I made him wear!

Once he started swinging he forgot about being angry with me. Nothing but smiles!!

I had to sneak around the fort to get Ralph to look at the camera!

See? Not going to look at me!

When the tongue is out that far, he's having a great time!

Did I mention that Ralph is such a big boy now? Look at him go on the big boy swing!!

Got him!!

I needed a little help pushing Theo, so Ralph stepped up to the plate.

Look who I found playing together!

This is so rare! The boys like each other but normally play quite far apart. I'm sure before too long they will be best friends and partners in crime!

Wherever you are, I hope that you enjoy your own New Year's celebration. May 2011 be just as awesome!!!!!!


Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

My awesome friend Julia left the following comment, which my fat fingers wrongly deleted: You know what I like best of all... the fact that the boys have hair. It says so much - freedom - life - family.... When it does get cut - it will be even and carefully cut! Silly I know but when I see your sweet boys and the difference only a few months of love and attention and food can do - and I see the hair hanging down and see the light in their eyes - it is all so very good!

How right you are! I can't figure it out exacly, but perhaps that is why I'm so reluctant to cut their hair? The shaven heads I saw were so de-humanizing.