Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh man! It's almost Christmas!!!

Ralph was so sweetly playing with his cars the other day. He was concentrating so hard that I was able to get some photos without him even noticing. Even with the flash!

Lining them up neatly.
Oooh! This one is special.

Let's park on the end.

Look what we got this week!! Ankle-foot braces for the three boys. Strangely enough, Ralph likes wearing his braces and even attempts to put them on by himself. Zhen was not so pleased with them. Not yet, anyway. He won't even stand or try to walk in them yet.
Theo...well...what do I say. I'm going to have to hunt for the right shoes for him to wear with these. I'm going to have to make myself put them on him each morning, I believe. Once he starts school next month it will make more sense. Aren't they soooooooo cute?!
I can't forget about Ruby. Here she's working on an ice cream cone with no assistance. I think I should have made "no assistance" her middle name. This girl is IN-dependent! She is also wearing one of Rose's shirts. How fun that they are already sharing clothes!
It wouldn't be Christmas without playing with some bead garland, would it?
Or, sporting eggnog mustaches!

My fantastic husband had to work very hard to get the lights working on our Christmas tree this year. God willing, we will finally get to decorate it tomorrow night!
Also, the kids want to go caroling. So we are making a little song sheet and practicing. I think we will take some cookies to the neighbors and treat them to a song. I'll let you know if that actually happens!! You know how the best laid plans sometimes go, right?


TherExtras said...

So fun catching-up on your family! Very Merry Christmas!