Saturday, January 1, 2011

Up and at 'em!

I was up and at 'em at 8am today. Same as usual. Actually, I'm almost always up past midnight, too. So, no big deal. But, not everyone made it until midnight last night! The number one princess gave it up around 11:45pm. So close!

That's OK. I told her that it was the New Year already somewhere in the world.

Theodore is making a great transition to solid food. He loved our party food! Imagine mushy cracker hair-gel, though and you will understand why Theo had his New Year's Eve party in the kitchen sink!

Meanwhile the Yatzee game was going strong! Have you ever played with eight? It takes FOREVER.

Don't ask me why Jordan had a chef hat on under his party hat. If you tell him he looks strange he just smiles and stands up a little taller!

Mariocart races were happening as the new year rolled in.

Today is blog clean-up day for me. I have lots of outdated stuff on each of my blogs. I need to freshen things up a bit and that just takes some time. It's time. Plus, I'm announcing my Dead of Winter giveaway so be sure to check back soon.
Later today I have a rare treat to look forward to! It's not everyday that you get a new daughter. I guess it is OK for me to call her that since she calls me mom. Yes, today I get to meet the fabulous Heather from California. My son, Richard, insists that she is the "one," so I can't wait! If he loves her, then I know I will love her, too.


TherExtras said...

How exciting that Richard has found "the one"!

Happy New Year! I thought I would be doing all my blog refreshment over the holidays....ahem. Still working on it. You.are.good if you have finished.


travcat said...

Happy New Year! I couldn't believe it, but my three year old stayed awake until midnight! How old was Theo when you adopted him?