Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Did I mention that I was going to go to bed early last night? Well, I don't have a superstitious bond in my body but I'm wondering if I jinxed myself or what.

It's cold here. Record cold temps. They even closed school due to the cold. It's really cold. I let the kids play outside the other day but they have not asked to go out one single time since then!

Ralph wanted to go out, too. Just too cold honey!

So just as I was about to crawl into bed last night the power went out. Very unexpected! It wasn't windy or stormy. All our power lines are underground so I couldn't imagine what could have happened. No power here means no heat and no phone.

After waiting in the dark for about an hour I started getting nervous. How cold would the house get overnight? Should I get a hotel room or look for a shelter? I left my teenager in charge and took a drive around town. The whole place was dark and desolate. Spooky. I did not see a police cruiser or a line crew anywhere.

After a little panic attack (and a little pity party) I went to McD's to use the internet. I was able to FB chat with James and make a plan to load up all the kids and take them to his mom's house. I dreaded waking all the children and loading them up. At least the van was warmed up!

Praise God! The power was on when I got back home. I was still mad about missing out on those two+ hours of sleep that I had counted on. I guess the lesson is not to count your chickens before they hatch, right? I learned this morning that some other friends' power was out for over eight hours. Yikes!

Well, today was fun. The children were out of school again. They have a little cabin fever I think. It's been a crazy, loud day.

Rose dressed Ruby in one of her spring outfits. Cute! Inappropriate, but we weren't going anywhere so no big deal. I'm still wondering when her hair is going to grow. hmmm.

Zhen has an ouchie on the back of his ear. He keeps messing with it so this is what I was forced to do. Poor sweetie. He actually loved the arm splints! Strange, huh? A friend told me that he might really enjoy the deep pressure that they provide. Classic sensory need.

I experimented with introducing Theo to Bach tonight. He really enjoys loud noises, so I thought loud music might go over pretty well.

What do you think?

I can't wait for his sedated hearing test next Monday. I really want answers about his hearing. I want him to feel connected to his world and I don't think is right now. I want everything for him. :)


Sally said...

Ok, girl, do we need to get you a corded phone so you don't have to leave the house for a phone in a power outage???

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Sally, I'm really shocked at how unprepared I am for the simplest of *emergencies*. I'll be working on that STAT!!