Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wrestling season.

I'm wrestling with trying to decide what kind of blogger I want to be. Certainly there is LOTS going on in this house. I could easily post a laundry list of each day's activities. But really? Do you honestly need to know how proud I am of my new seating arrangement in the van? Or that I leaned on a highchair tray that wasn't fastened properly and it flipped up and smacked me in the nose...HARD?

Maybe I could just keep posting photos of the kids? Grandma would like that one I'm sure. That's the easy way out!

I could get political. Really! I have very definite ideas and core convictions in that area. nah! I might get you worked up with my overheated rhetoric! ha!

I'm just kind of wondering what I have to offer. I'm not an expert at anything. I'm not the perfect, slim, crafty, baking, house cleaning, stylishly accessorized, hand bag hoarding, diet coke sipping mom. I feel perpetually out of place.

But, I have been given a message to share.

Ralph has Down Syndrome.

And his life is GREAT!

And he makes me a better person.

And he makes us a stronger family.

We hit the jackpot! I guess if I get that point across I can consider myself successful at blogging.


Julia said...

Smart woman - NO POLITICS!! We stay away from that subject like the plague. Way too divisive!

TherExtras said...

You ARE successful! I think blogging may be your special forte - you don't even know it!

I avoid politics, too, but it spills-into our lives while trying to save children, eh?