Monday, January 3, 2011

Ice cream and cake day!

It is so fun watching Zhen and Theo experience new things. It's fun for the whole family! It was Leroy's idea to sing about the firsts that we witness. For example, for Zhen's first burrito we sang "Happy Burrito Day" to the tune of Happy Birthday. (We were pretty certain that burritos were not an orphanage staple.)

Now that Theo is taking off on eating solid foods the firsts are coming hard and fast! Yesterday was ice cream and cake day for him. And, yes. We did sing to him!! Ice cream and cake was a big hit. Look at his hand...

bwah-hahahaha! Ice cream come to papa!

He always bites the spoon if I'm not quick enough.

I didn't even mess with a washcloth. I just dumped him right in the bathtub!
I wish Masha could have an "ice cream and cake" day. Wouldn't that be nice? I'm giving away a variety of neat items this month in an effort to boost her adoption grant fund. Check it out HERE.