Monday, January 31, 2011

Poor little Zhen.

Poor little Zhen. Here he is in October. Can you tell he has DS?

Once again I have disappointed myself.

Zhen and Theo went to the eye doctor today. Finally.

It seems like we have been running ragged ever since they came home. Why didn't I get them to the eye doc sooner? Well, now it's done and we seem to have a long road ahead.

I'm a little fuzzy on what happened there this morning because I got sucker punched by the doc very early on during our visit. After that it was very hard to pay full attention.

The doc probably thought that it was a compliment to tell me that since Zhen only has mild facial features of "Down's" and that his case of "Down's" is not as severe. huh?

I had to make a quick decision. Do I say "What did you just say to me?" or do I keep my mouth shut and get through the appointment. I chose the latter. Fail.

Here's the big deal, Zhen has a cataract. I didn't think it was a big deal, just something to watch, ya know? No. It's BIG deal. He needs surgery to remove it before his brain gives up even trying to see out of that bad eye.

The doc wasn't sure if we could handle the recovery and rehab that he would need for the next several years. It will be a pain, for sure, but it's always been our goal to give our children every opportunity to be successful and preserving his sight is no exception. I have much to learn and think about. Quickly! Time to put my internet research nerd hat on again.
Oh yeah, Theo gets glasses, too. No drama with him this time. :)

In case you care I have another son who needs knee surgery, immediately. Probably Wednesday. Another son is sick in bed and we'll be lucky if we don't all get it!


Vic said...

Stephanie, I've followed your blog since finding out about your family on the Magic forum (my little boy has ghd). It sounds like you are having a tough time of it lately, but you really should NOT be disappointed in yourself! Take a deep breath and remind yourself of what sort of situation those kids would be in without you. And then be proud of yourself.

Mel said...

Stephanie... QUIT beating yourself up!! You couldn't have really known... we never know all of the issues that come with our adopted blessings. You know now, get it fixed, and keep on being the best Momma bear that you can... God knows. :) I hope the bug misses everyone else!! Praying for you as always!!

Vonda said...

So sorry to hear all that. Especially when you have other health issues looming with the other kids right now. Just take a deep breath...get down on your knees and lift this all up to God. I'm sending up some prayers for Zhen and prayers for strength for you and James as you make more decisions regarding this. Hang in there!

sjk said...

I have been following ur blog for a little while and you have a beautiful family!
Look up! None of this is your fault! All of us parents with special needs children (or not special needs children) make mistakes,or wish we had done things differently at times. Dont beat urself up because u didnt say anything!Some docs can be so insensitive that they dont know how to say things because often times our kids are just another paycheck or statistic.We learn as we go,I remember a doc telling me wen I was 24 wk preg with my daughter that i needed to terminate because she was missing most of her brain and her life would be pointless! I said thats fine she is my daughter and I will love her even if I only have her for 2 minutes to hold.well,she was born 3 weeks later with a complete brain and that doc felt like an idiot!sit down have cup of tea and enjoy your little ones :)

TherExtras said...

Hope your family did not all get sick!

I said to you once before (regarding Ralph) - you have saved Zhen's life! I know you will work-out this vision problem. I think you made the practical choice. You can address the physician's comment later if you like, eh? Barbara