Friday, January 7, 2011

For the last time...

God the last time:

I begged Ralph's cardio nurse for a refill on Ralph's pulmonary hypertension drugs.

I begged for a same day turnaround on Ralph's pulmonary hypertension drugs at the compounding pharmacy.

I picked up the prescription mere minutes before the pharmacy closed for the weekend.
It would seem that my little Ralphie has kicked pulmonary hypertension. We'll get the official word sometime in March. I've prayed for years that he would outgrow this terrible disease. Some children do, some don't.

Ralph is an awesome little boy. If not for him we would not have thought to consider international Down Syndrome adoption. I love that boy!
More from today...Theo ate too many Cheerios. Doesn't he look full? He may be full, but he doesn't ever slow down when eating. I don't think he knows how to stop.

Zhen really enjoyed his soup tonight. Thanks Nancy!! These boys LOVE their food!


TherExtras said...

Hurray for all the good news!

Love the photo of most of your kids in the post below!