Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Can you tell?

Since Zhen had a cataract removed and an artificial lens implanted, we say that he has a bionic eye! (Are any of you old enough to remember the 6 Million Dollar Man?)

Can you tell which eye is "bionic?"

Zhen had a eye appointment yesterday and he is healing beautifully!

But when we walked in the front door and down the stairs to the office, he tried to bury his eye under my arm. He's delayed, but he is no fool.

In the waiting room there was a little girl who wanted to play with him. He promptly walked over to her and threw a toy truck at her head. :(

As I was apologizing to the girl's mother he was called back to the exam room. The nurse dilated his eyes with a ka-jillion eye drops while I wrested him. Then we were sent back to the waiting room for another half hour. :(

The little girl was still there. She still wanted to play with Zhen. Not too bright. He took the same truck, walked over to her and dropped it on her head. *sigh*

Next up...the desperate search for indestructible glasses. Stay tuned.


Carissa said...

My dad has "bionic eyes" too! He had his lenses replaced because his eyesight was too bad for Lasik. I can't tell in pictures, but when you watch my dad's eyes you can see the light glare on his lenses jiggle slightly when his eyes move!

Anna said...

Grace had cataracts too. But no transplants until her eye quits growing. Her glasses are made by Mira Flex. google them. I think they are the greatest EVER!!!!