Saturday, June 11, 2011

Well, I had some great photos, but they don't want to load. OK, I got one! More later. Today was a fantastic day once we got it kick started.

We woke up to double poop nightmares. God bless my husband for tackling the worst of it. He knew that I needed to get started on the salad for the picnic later on. I suppose I will insist on PCD's (poop containment devices - footie PJ's worn backward) from now on, no matter how warm it is.

The weather was perfect for our Down Syndrome Society picnic today. We all had a great time. The four littles, Ralph, Zhen, Theo and Ruby, spent lots of time in the bounce house. They jumped, which is a huge deal for a child with DS, they rolled around, they lounged and jiggled. No big bad kids to run them over. No timekeeper making telling them their time was up.

We did make a short stop on the way to the picnic, but I can't really tell you about that today. :) Well, I could. But I'm not going to. Soon!

Hope you are having a fun weekend, too.