Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Hunt

Mr. Blue Eyes survived his cataract surgery and the awful recovery. Weeks of restraint and tape and tears are over. Well, sort of.

We've entered a new phase of cataract recovery. His brain must learn how to use his new bionic eye. This involves years of restraint and tape and tears. *sigh* Six hours of patching daily. It's really going well. Not as many tears as I expected.

At 1pm daily the patch goes on. So do the no-no's and pajamas. Footie pajamas donned in reverse keep arm restraints from slipping off.

Next we start using bifocal glasses. From experience I knew that Specs4Us would not work for Zhen. The one pair we have for Theo have been a disaster. Theo bends them into a pretzel at every opportunity. I can only imagine what sort of damage Zhen could do.

I started hunting for Miraflex retailers in my area. Then I had to find a retailer that was a provider for our particular brand of vision insurance. Our eye doc's office didn't have any of these frames and didn't know how to find any.

Zhen's eye doc belongs to a large group practice with many locations. I did find one location that was listed on the Miraflex website. I threw Zhen into the car and headed out to find this location so we could get the frames ordered ASAP.

We ended up at a warehouse. The sign on the door said that if the door was locked to ring the bell at the shipping and receiving entrance on the west side of the building. Crap. Why is it so hard to find glasses for my guys with DS? Huh?

I drove immediately back to the doc's office and insisted that they order some frames for Zhen to try on. It worked! The frames arrived last week and they are so stinking cute! And Zhen loved them! We'll see how long that lasts. The lenses will arrive in 2 weeks and then I'll get some photos to share.

Phew! I'm glad the hunt for indestructible glasses is over!

Theo started physical therapy at Heartspring last week. He's getting so heavy. He almost looks a little pudgy in this photo. :) Trust me, he's still tiny. He's just getting buffed out.

Ralph and I have so much fun together. I say "ring! ring! hello?" Then Ralph punches some imaginary buttons on the bottom of his feet...and then...

He answers me on his foot phone! you have a bionic eye? Can you put your toes in your ears?

I didn't think so.


thy and lin said...

oh my goodness, what a sweet post stephanie!

Anna said...

so glad the Miraflex ones are working. I saw if the office decides to carry the frames after you request them your child will get a free frame. E-mail the contact person on Miraflex website and ask her details. I was going to try specs4us but we have had such great success with the miraflex that I am staying with them. Love the foot phone!!!

Anonymous said...

Ralphie is so flexible! and so so cute!