Friday, June 3, 2011

Front Row Seats at The Installation Show

Yesterday I personally moved all the furniture out of our family room. Side tables, lamps, chairs, TV and stand, and yes, PIANO! I still have it. :)

Today our new carpet was installed!!

My choice this morning was 1) take the children to the zoo and leave the installers alone in my home OR 2) stay home and keep the children downstairs and out of the way. I chose #2.

Did you know that carpet installation is more interesting than Sesame Street? Several children took turns sitting in the recliners that I had moved into the dining room, the front row seats at the installation show. I had to periodically run after Ralph. He really wanted to make friends with the installers!

When the guys removed the floor vent covers, they found a boat load of toys stuffed down in the vent. When they pulled up the old carpet, all my doubts about spending money on carpet were erased. Blech!

We finally decided on commercial grade carpet, due to the ummm....stuff that our children can dish out! They are at greater risk of carpet burn now, but at least the floor will look nice and hide a multitude of sins.

I also moved Ralph's mirror from the hallway were he likes to play. He didn't seem to miss it all day long. Then grandma stopped by this evening. Ralph likes to swipe her shoes. He puts them on his feet and then heads over to his mirror to see what they look like on his feet. Or he might steal her cell phone and go sit in front of the mirror to watch himself talk. My little narcissist!

Tonight he slipped her shoes on and turned toward the hall...and stopped...and looked. Grandma asked him if he was looking for his mirror and he shook his head "yes." :) How cute!

It's good to know that he can shake his head "yes" because all day long he shook his head "NO" at me. Uggh! He's rebelling at an early age I think.


Anonymous said...

How cute! Exactly my though also!

Love your stories, Stephanie.


Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Aww, thanks Barbara!