Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grandma's post.

We made our first trip to the YMCA pool today. I brought Zhen, Ralph, Leroy, Thomas and Chipper. Rose busted open her big toe, so she gets to wait for that thing to heal before she can hit the pool :(

I was hoping that the little boys would keep their swimsuits on. They get to swim in their birthday suits in the back yard so I was afraid they would assume that was ok at the Y, too. They were good boys did not disrobe!

Ralph was in heaven in the crowded pool area. He had a great time waving and making friends with the other visitors! A few lucky individuals got a pat on the butt from him! ack!! Walking without braces is difficult for him and the moving water makes it worse. Occasionally he put a hand on a conveniently located adult butt to keep his balance! Oh boy!!

Here are some photos for you grandma...

Like that shiner?

So grown up!

Mr. Photogenic!

Mr. Congeniality!