Thursday, July 7, 2011

At the ballpark with the littles.

The summer rec league baseball season is quickly coming to a close. I don't always get to see my children's games because I'm home with the littles, Ralph, Zhen, Theo and Ruby. It has been quite hot lately and I don't like to take them out in it.

It was a little cooler tonight and I wanted to catch Thomas' game so we loaded everyone up. The ballpark was practically dead with only two games going on. It was nice to let the littles have a little room to run.
Grandma came along, too. I'm glad because I wanted to try out my zoom lens tonight. I got some good action shots of the team.
Ralph had fun pushing his brothers and sisters around.
He had to really put his back into it!
Theo loved being outside in the fresh air. He's always happier when we are outside. The weather will be heating up again tomorrow. I'm so glad we got out of the house tonight.


Kirsten said...

I know what you mean about summer baseball. We have been doing alot of that, too, including tonight. Love the pics of your kids! Madalyn had the exact same shirt on tonight as Ruby has on in the pics. Sweet!!