Friday, July 22, 2011

Theo's wheels.

Look what Theo brought home from physical therapy today! WOW!

You don't even know what a difficult time I had getting these boys to stand next to each other. Isn't it amazing to compare the size of these children, Zhen, (age 4), Theo (age 5), and Ruby (age 2!)? Do you want to be blown away? Keep reading...

Here are Zhen and Theo together almost a year ago:

Theo was TINY! Even Zhen was much smaller. The changes in these two are so dramatic, but I don't see it happening. I have to look back to fully appreciate the way these two have grown and changed. It makes all the tough times worth the while.

Adoption = Redemption


Leslie said...

The changes are amazing! Love the photos of your precious kiddos!

Amanda said...

Wow they are still so tiny!! The difference is unbelievable!! Oh and your to be continued is keeping me on the end of my seat ;o)