Thursday, July 28, 2011

Riding the Rainbow Part 2

It might be helpful to back up a bit. I've been riding the rainbow for nearly four years now. Would it be helpful to know how I got here?

I became an Internet research bloodhound after Ralph was born, sniffing out anything related to Down Syndrome and pulmonary hypertension. I also turned into an accidental blogger, to more efficiently communicate with friends and family about Ralph's serious medical condition.

When I stumbled across an organization called Reece's Rainbow, I found to my horror that children with Down Syndrome were treated like garbage in many other countries, hidden away in remote institutions, deprived of loving human contact and necessary medical attention.

My God!! What if Ralph had been born in Eastern Europe?

That thought alone drove me to advocate for children listed on the RR site. I used my blog and my credibility to raise funds for specific children and families. I even got my quilting group to donate a beautiful hand-made quilt to give away. I stayed up late at night to pray for the children one by one and read adoption blogs.

I was sure we would adopt a child with Down Syndrome when Ralph's health stabilized. And as soon as I convinced my husband that it was a great idea! We couldn't get enough of Ralphie! The convincing wasn't that difficult to do.

Two years passed. Ralph grew. He became healthier and more awesome, if that was even possible. Then darling little Ruby came along and delayed my adoption plans by another year. Finally, in January of 2010 at dinner with my husband, on my 40th birthday, the decision was made.

We would adopt a child through Reece's Rainbow.